Easy tips to keep your place clean through the holidays

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Easy Tips to Keep Your Place Clean Through the Holidays

Prepping for holiday house parties is not easy, but a few quick tips can help you stay on top of tasks -- and keep the place clean.

Yes, you want a festive home, but extra decor means more clutter! Store some items you won\'t need so you can make room for holiday accessories.

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Hosting an event takes organizing, planning and cooking -- so plan ahead and have items you need coordinated and ready, instead of dispersed all over the place.

Tidy up as you go, so you don\'t have so much to clean the day of your gathering. Don\'t wait till the last minute.

We all know what the aftermath of a dinner party looks like. Try using disposable containers to minimize dishes. Durable containers also make it easy to store leftovers.

Clean your fridge! You\'ll have tons of extra items during holiday months, so make room for them and ditch old items first

Most importantly, pace yourself, try not to stress and remember the prize...friends, family and celebrating time together!

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Easy tips to keep your place clean through the holidays
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