Was Dr. Ben Carson really held at gunpoint at Popeyes?

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Did Dr. Ben Carson Lie About Being Stuck Up At Popeye's?

There's a growing mystery surrounding Dr. Ben Carson's story about a robber pulling a gun on him at a Popeyes restaurant nearly 40 years ago.

"I have had a gun held on me. Guy comes in, puts a gun in my ribs. And I just said, 'I believe that you want the guy behind the counter. He said, 'Oh, okay,'" Dr. Carson recalled on The Karen Hunter Show on Sirius XM Radio.

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But Baltimore police can't verify Dr. Carson's account of the robbery, saying in an official tweet: "There was not enough info to identify a police report in reference to the incident."

The Republican presidential candidate got a bit testy when questioned on Friday's Good Morning America: "Well, of course they don't have a record. This happened when i was a resident more than three decades ago."

Click through to see the facts you should know about Ben Carson:

Ben Carson facts you should know
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Was Dr. Ben Carson really held at gunpoint at Popeyes?

1. He is a weekly opinion columnist for The Washington Times.

(Photo by: William B. Plowman/NBC/NBC NewsWire via Getty Images)

2. He is a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and his father was a minister.

(Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

3. He was raised in Detroit by a single mother, alongside is older brother Curtis.

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

4. He is the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award of the United States.

(AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)

5. He was the first doctor to successfully separate occipital craniopagus twins in 1987.

(AP Photo/Fred Kraft)

6. He has written six bestselling books, all by an international Christian media and publishing company.

(AP Photo/Brian Witte)

7. He has criticized “political correctness” because he says it goes against freedom of expression, and became known for this idea when he was the keynote speaker at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2013.

(AP Photo/Mary Schwalm)

8. There’s a Lifetime movie made about his life, with Cuba Gooding Jr. in the starring role.

(Photo by Paul A. Hebert/Invision/AP)

9. Before November of 2014 Carson was not a member of any political party.

(AP Photo/Rainier Ehrhardt)

10. He and his wife started a scholarship fund called "Carson scholars fund" in 1994 which has so far awarded 6,700 scholarships to kids for "academic excellence and humanitarian qualities."

(Photo by Louis Myrie/WireImage via Getty)


The Daily Beast website is now asking: "Was Ben Carson really held at gunpoint?"

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Reporter Gideon Resnick told INSIDE EDITION, "There isn't really verification that the Popeyes incident happened. At this point, he hasn't come forward and clarified specific details about it."

In a new Sirius XM radio interview, Dr. Carson said the Popeyes robbery was all too real.

"As a God-fearing Christian, it's something that happened. It's not something I made up," he said.

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