's Countdown to Kickoff: AFC North preview

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AFC North predictions - 2015
See Gallery's Countdown to Kickoff: AFC North preview


2014 record: 5-11

Projected 2015 record: 5-11


Week 1: at NY Jets

Week 2: vs. Tennessee

Week 3: vs. Oakland

Week 4: at San Diego

Week 5: at Baltimore

Week 6: vs. Denver

Week 7: at St. Louis

Week 8: vs. Arizona

Week 9: at Cincinnati

Week 10: at Pittsburgh

Week 11: BYE

Week 12: vs. Baltimore

Week 13: vs. Cincinnati

Week 14: vs. San Francisco

Week 15: at Seattle

Week 16: at Kansas City

Week 17: vs. Pittsburgh

(AP Photo/Jay LaPrete)

If you are pondering the fantasy football potential of the Cleveland Browns in 2015, we have to applaud you. You are truly committed to digging into the depths of potential value.

Or you should just be committed, along with ghosts of Browns quarterback busts of yesteryear.

But we find a silver lining in everything. The lack of hope in Cleveland also presents some affordability for players on FanDuel. Then, you look at the way the Browns are restructuring their latest rebuilding program, the matchups they face out of the gate and the potential horses they have to carry the rock, and you might actually unearth some gems to help you cash in the early weeks of the season.

Player to Watch: Dwayne Bowe. The Browns receiver situation is ugly, and without Josh Gordon, there isn’t a lot to like here. Bowe isn’t the best option, but he has a chance to revive his career in Cleveland.

-Tyler Brooke and Eric Mack


2014 record: 10-6

Projected 2015 record: 8-8


Week 1: at Oakland

Week 2: vs. San Diego

Week 3: at Baltimore

Week 4: vs. Kansas City

Week 5: vs. Seattle

Week 6: at Buffalo

Week 7: BYE

Week 8: at Pittsburgh

Week 9: vs. Cleveland

Week 10: vs. Houston

Week 11: at Arizona

Week 12: vs. St. Louis

Week 13: at Cleveland

Week 14: vs. Pittsburgh

Week 15: at San Francisco

Week 16: at Denver

Week 17: vs. Baltimore

 (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Public perception says the Cincinnati Bengals are a mess. The reality is they have made four consecutive postseasons and kept their most important players in house.

Perception is most definitely not fantasy’s reality, although it can create some bargains for us in FanDuel games this season.

The Bengals talent is more likely to be underpriced, because the public does not love an arguably boring running team that doesn’t put up gaudy scoring totals. While everyone around is hurrying up and attacking like jack rabbits, the Bengals are going with the turtle approach (slow and steady wins the race). Also, those four consecutive postseasons have been capped by one-and-done losses, creating even less love for what the Bengals do.

Count us in as the one-week fantasy contrarians. We love what the Bengals have: a great running game, an other-worldly wide receiver entering the prime age of 27—not to mention a contract year—and a stigma that drags FanDuel prices into the buy range.

Player to Watch: A.J. Green. Green’s value will depend a lot on how consistent Andy Dalton can play. He’s one of the most talented receivers in football, but he can only make as many plays as his quarterback gives him the opportunity to make.

-Tyler Brooke and Eric Mack

2014 record: 10-6
Projected 2015 record: 10-6

Week 1: at Denver

Week 2: at Oakland

Week 3: vs. Cincinnati

Week 4: at Pittsburgh

Week 5: vs. Cleveland

Week 6: at San Francisco

Week 7: at Arizona

Week 8: vs. San Diego

Week 9: BYE

Week 10: vs. Jacksonville

Week 11: vs. St. Louis

Week 12: at Cleveland

Week 13: at Miami

Week 14: vs. Seattle

Week 15: vs. Kansas City

Week 16: vs. Pittsburgh

Week 17: at Cincinnati

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

The Baltimore Ravens might not be the first team that comes to mind when you are mining for one-week fantasy football plays, but they are a defensive and running team that does provide opportunity for some potential FanDuel bargains. It makes watching their preseason, projected starters, snaps and targets very closely at the end of this summer.

The Ravens are going to get production from somewhere—they always do—and if you can figure out where before the masses do, it can really put you ahead of the crowd in GPP (guaranteed prize pool) tournaments.

Player to Watch: Justin Tucker. Kickers can be a crucial part of a winning lineup on FanDuel, and Tucker is one of the most consistent in the game. The Ravens have a good but not great offense, opening up the potential for plenty of field-goal attempts.

-Tyler Brooke and Eric Mack


2014 record: 11-5

Projected 2015 record: 10-6


Week 1: at New England

Week 2: vs. San Francisco

Week 3: at St. Louis

Week 4: vs. Baltimore

Week 5: at San Diego

Week 6: vs. Arizona

Week 7: at Kansas City

Week 8: vs. Cincinnati

Week 9: vs. Oakland

Week 10: vs. Cleveland

Week 11: BYE

Week 12: at Seattle

Week 13: vs. Indianapolis

Week 14: at Cincinnati

Week 15: vs. Denver

Week 16: at Baltimore

Week 17: at Cleveland

 (AP Photo/Gene Puskar)

When most of us think of the Pittsburgh Steelers, you think defense. Always have. But for those young guns playing one-week fantasy football, they think FanDuel price-chart toppers Le’Veon Bell ($9,400 in Week 17 last year) and Antonio Brown ($8,900). They might also harken back to those monster games Ben Roethlisberger surprised us with in Weeks 8 and 9 last season.

Yeah, the Steelers have some offensive monsters that tend to garner big dollars to get them into your fantasy lineups. The Steelers were No. 2 in the NFL in yards per game and No. 7 in total scoring.

You have to look to them for yards, touchdowns and overall FanDuel awesomeness now.

Player to Watch: Martavis Bryant. Defenses will be so focused on limiting Antonio Brown’s impact this season that they might sometimes forget about the second-year receiver. Bryant only had 26 receptions last year, but he averaged an incredible 21.1 yards per catch with a staggering eight touchdowns. With big-play potential like that, Bryant could be posed to break out in 2015.

-Tyler Brooke and Eric Mack


Welcome to the 2015 NFL season!

Every weekday for the next few weeks we will release predictions for a different division and the overall season, and today we begin with the AFC North. Last season, the Pittsburgh Steelers finished atop the pack and have the tools to accomplish the feat yet again.

Scroll through the gallery above to check out each team's schedule and our projected records.


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