Report alleges daughter of Clark Gable and Loretta Young was the product of date rape

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Loretta Young Alleges Clark Gable Date Raped Her At 23

One of Hollywood's oldest scandals is making headlines once again.

BuzzFeed is reporting that the love child of legendary actor Clark Gable and screen siren Loretta Young was the product of an alleged date rape.

Loretta Young, probably best known for "The Loretta Young Show," famously became the center of a scandal when it was revealed by her daughter Judy in the mid-nineties that her biological parents were Young and "Gone With The Wind" star Clark Gable.

See Clark Gable through the years:

Clark Gable through the years
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Report alleges daughter of Clark Gable and Loretta Young was the product of date rape
Clark Gable is pictured at left as a youth, as a young actor, as an Army Air Corp Captain and as he appeared during a Hollywood premiere. (AP Photo)
Clark Gable (left) stars as the dashing rogue Rhett Butler, and Leslie Howard stars as Ashley Wilkes, a prominent member of a wealthy southern family, in "Gone with the wind", the Civil War drama colorcast on NBC 11/76. (AP photo)
American film actor Captain Clark Gable in London on Sept. 1, 1943. (AP Photo)
Actor Clark Gable talks with studio gateman as he drives his British Jaguar XK120 sports car into the lot during filming of "To Please A Lady" in Hollywood, Ca., Aug. 29, 1950. (AP Photo)
**FILE** Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe, play a scene in "The Misfits" in this undated file photo. It turned out to be the last movie for both in 1961. (AP Photo, file)
U.S. Film Actor, Clark Gable as Colonel Pieter De Winter, during the shooting on the picture at Maastricht on Sept. 27, 1953 in Netherlands. (AP Photo)
Clark Gable stands in the doorway of an airliner just before taking off from Los Angeles for Hong Kong, to film his first freelance picture in 21 years, "Soldier of Fortune," Nov. 11, 1954. (AP Photo/Ellis R. Bosworth)
library file picture of actors Clark Gable and Jean Harlow. circa 1937 during the film Saratoga
American actress Loretta Young (1913 - 2000) and American actor Clark Gable (1901 - 1960) gaze adoringly into each others eyes perhaps as a prelude to a kiss in this still from the film 'The Call of the Wild' directed by William Wellman, 1935. (Photo by 20th Century Fox/Courtesy of Getty Images)

Gable and Young met while co-starring in 1935's "The Call of the Wild."

Young confirmed in memoirs released after her death that her daughter's adoption story was false and that her biological father was actually Gable - who was married at the time.

Now, Young's daughter-in-law tells BuzzFeed that in 1998 Young claimed that she was date raped by her co-star after learning what the word meant.

Linda Lewis said that after her mother-in-law asked what "date rape" meant, she said "I did the best I could to make her understand."

According to Lewis, Young and her daughter Judy had a tumultuous relationship centered around the question of her parentage. Judy revealed the truth about Gable being her father in a book published in 1994 when she wasn't on good terms with her mother.

Lewis says Young elected not to tell her daughter about the revelation of the alleged date rape because it "wouldn't help" her. Judy died in 2011 never hearing about the allegations.

Why Linda Lewis decided to come forward with these claims nearly 5 years later is a bit unclear. None of the parties involved: Gable, Young or their daughter are alive to refute the story.

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