King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson's love nest on sale for $8.3M

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Royal Love Nest On Sale For Millions

Nearly 80 years after King Edward VIII abdicated the British royal throne to marry American socialite Wallis Simpson, the couple's London love nest is on sale for millions.

In 1936, King George V died, passing the crown to his eldest son King Edward VIII. But just eleven months ruling all of the United Kingdom, the then-42 year old royal gave it all up for love. Despite the controversy that swirled around their relationship, he proposed to his american girlfriend, Wallis Simpson. The fact that she had divorced one husband and was about to divorce another didn't stop him.

Now, the luxurious love shack where this royal affair first began three years earlier is on sale for $8.3M. Their three bedroom, 2,400 square-foot flat in Bryanston Court was owned by Simpson at the time, but in the days since has gotten a more modern facelift.

Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII
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King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson's love nest on sale for $8.3M
Edward VIII, former King of England, now Duke of Windsor, and his bride, Bessie Wallis Warfield Simpson are seen following the civil and religious ceremonies at the Chateau de Cande, near Tours, France, June 3, 1937. (AP Photo/BIPPA)
The Duke and Duchess of Windsor pose on the castle steps after their wedding at Chateau de Cande near Tours, France, on June 3, 1937. At left is Hermann Rogers Winters and at right is Major Metcalf, first former King of England's witness. The floor-length silk gown worn by the Duchess is designed by Mainbocher. (AP Photo)
The Duke of Windsor and Mrs. Wallis Warfield Simpson, a twice-divorced American, pose at the Chateau de Cande, near Tours, France, on April 14,1937. As Edward VIII, King of England since Jan. 20, 1936, the Duke abdicated the throne when his proposed marriage to Simpson could not be reconciled with his role as head of the Church of England. Simpson became the Duchess of Windsor when they married near Tours, France, on June 3, 1937. (AP Photo)
Britain's King Edward VIII , in informal dress, waving to crowd on the quayside in Korcula, Croatia on August 27, 1936, as he sets out in a motor launch for a day’s fishing. Wallis Simpson is seen seated next to the King. (AP Photo)
Britain's King Edward VIII, with his fiance Wallis Simpson driving through the streets of Athens, Greece, on Aug. 27, 1936, during a sightseeing tour. (AP Photo)
King Edward III, left, and Bessie Wallis Warfield Simpson, at the king's left, is seen in a photo taken when she was "unidentified" by the British press, Aug. 1936. They appear with a group of unidentified friends. (AP Photo)
Bessie Wallis Warfield Simpson, twice-divorced Baltimore belle, whose romance with King Edward culminated in the monarch's unprecedented abdication of the throne on December 10, 1936, is seen in 1936. Mrs. Simpson is now in seclusion at the estate of friends in Cannes, France. (AP Photo)
Britain's Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, is seen at Chequers, his country residence in October 1927. Under Baldwin's government Edward VIII, was banned from making a radio broadcast appealing for public support during the 1936 Abdication Crisis, according to official files released Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2003. The King wanted to deliver an impassioned speech in the hope of marrying American divorcee Wallis Simpson and still retaining his throne, but Baldwin blocked the oration and Edward was confined to making a farewell address. (AP Photo)
The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson, leave a Paris theater on May 24, 1965 after seeing “The King’s Story,” a film based on his life. The duke formerly was King Edward VIII of England. His appearance at the theater was his first appearance in public since last February’s surgery in London. (AP Photo)
The Duke and Duchess of Windsor pause at the Pennsylvania Station in New York on May 9, 1943, to receive the good wishes of Stanley Smith, assistant station master who greeted them on their arrival from Florida, where they had visited briefly en route from Nassau, the Bahamas. The duke, former King Edward VIII of England, said he was in New York on colony business and also to attend to personal affairs. (AP Photo/Robert Kradin)
The Dchess and Duke of Windsor are shown at Government House in Bermuda in 1941. (AP Photo)
The Duke of Windsor, the new governor of the Bahamas, and the American-born Duchess, sit on a bench in the garden of their official residence, Government House, in Nassau, Bahamas, Aug. 18, 1940. (AP Photo)
The Duke and Duchess of Windsor pose at the edge of their Chateau de la Croe estate overlooking the Mediterranian Sea near Antibes, France, on the French Riviera, June 3, 1938. It is the couple's first wedding anniversary. (AP Photo)
The Duke of Windsor and Bessie Wallis Warfield Simpson are seen on a holiday at Biarritz, France, in 1934. (AP Photo)
The Prince of Wales is seen in military attire during World War I, 1917. (AP Photo)
The Prince of Wales is seen with soldiers during World War I, 1917. (AP Photo)
Wallis Simpson, the American-born friend of King Edward VIII, who was a member of the royal party on the King’s Mediterranean holiday cruise last summer, became front-page news. A constitutional crisis has arisen between the King and his cabinet owing to a difference of opinion between them concerning the King’s reported wish to marry Mrs. Simpson. A portrait camera study of Mrs. Wallis Simpson shown, Dec. 3, 1936. (AP Photo)
The Duke of Windsor, accompanied by his wife and British Consul General C. Peter Hope, center, make their way to a waiting automobile after arriving in Houston by train, Dec. 14, 1964. The former King Edward VIII, now 70, will undergo tests at Methodist Hospital to determine possible corrective treatment and possible surgery for a suspected abdominal aneurysm - a ballooning of an artery in the abdomen. (AP Photo)

"With beautiful finishes and lateral spaces, this apartment is ideal for someone looking for a luxurious London home," the managing director of the property agent said. "Bryanston Court's fascinating history further adds to the apartments appeal, particularly international investors who love Britain's colourful history and Royal heritage."

Despite it's history, the apartment was refused a historical plaque by English Heritage.

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