Nick Young polls his Twitter followers in a very outlandish way

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Nick Young Proposes To Iggy Azalea During Birthday Party


Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young tends to struggle with on-court decision making. Judging by his tweet from early Monday morning, perhaps he needs help with making off-the-court choices, too.

Swaggy P dialed up a poll for his near 300,000 followers after his fiancé, rapper Iggy Azalea, spent the night seeing Magic Mike XXL at the couple's local theater. The 30-year-old wasn't exactly sure how to react, so he posed a multiple-choice question to those willing to listen -- effectively a great personality quiz, actually.

Option A here -- the first thing that comes to Young's mind? -- is to murder his fiancé. Wonderful!

We're gonna go out and say B is probably the best choice here. A is highly illegal and C is probably illegal or, at the very least, highly immoral. D -- well, that's up to you, Swaggy.

One follower came up with his very own Option E, though, which Nick seemed to enjoy to prospect of:

No, Nick. No, no, no. Don't do that.

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