A member of US Congress edited Frank Kaminsky's Wikipedia page to give him the nickname 'Stanky Franky'

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2015 NBA Draft: Frank Kaminsky Profile


The very nature of Wikipedia lends itself to some hilarious blunders, and Monday brought the online encyclopedia's latest gaffe. And we can thank a Twitter robot for filling us all in.

The account, @congressedits, automatically tracks Wikipedia edits made from IP addresses within Congress. This bit flew past our timelines late Monday morning:

Here's the aforementioned edit:

This is very important. We now know that a congressman or congresswoman (or possibly just some low-ranking employee, but hopefully not) is determined to doom Charlotte Hornets draft pick Frank Kaminsky with a smelly nickname forever.

The Wiki gods wouldn't let the new moniker live, though, and the edit was quickly reversed. Unless, of course, Stanky -- we mean Frank -- embraces it.

[h/t Sports Illustrated]

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