What George Orwell got right in '1984'

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What George Orwell Got Right In '1984'

There may be no one who can say "I told you so" better than George Orwell, who was born today, June 25th in 1903.

In Orwell's novel "1984" — which was published in 1949 — the English author outlines a dystopian future that is eerily similar our world today.

"1984" is still considered a fictional piece of literature to many, but a lot of what appeared in the book is now a reality.

Like Big Brother: In "1984", there are TV screens and computer monitors that provide info and entertainment while simultaneously spying on those in front of them. Today, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as online retailers like Target are able to use your information to find out where you go, what you like, who you know and more. Not to mention the surveillance cameras on just about every street.

In Orwell's "1984," the Party that rules the nation of Oceania is in a constant state of war with surrounding nations. The same can be said about the world today, taking into consideration wars in Afghanistan and Syria — as well as several countries having atomic weapons -- and others that are accused of trying to build them.

On a lighter note, the protagonist, Winston Smith, uses what's called a Speakwrite: A dictation machine that transcribes speech into text. Can we give Orwell credit for Siri too?

How about Newspeak? The limited and constantly shifting vocab mentioned in "1984" basically gives Orwell the credit for coming up with the majority of our instant message conversations.

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George Orwell
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What George Orwell got right in '1984'
Writer George Orwell poses in this undated photo at an unknown location. Orwell was born Eric Arthur Blair in Motihari, India in 1903 and died in 1950. (AP Photo)
29th June 1965: A poster with the famous words 'Big Brother is Watching You' from a BBC TV production of George Orwell's classic novel '1984'. (Photo by Larry Ellis/Express/Getty Images)
George Orwell Animal Farm Penguin Classic book cover
1984 by George Orwell
Author Eric Arthur Blair, better known by his pen-name, "George Orwell".
29th June 1965: The Orator, played by John Moore addresses the prisoners in a scene from a BBC TV production of George Orwell's classic novel '1984'. (Photo by Larry Ellis/Express/Getty Images)
It’s four days old, the “Orwell Year” 1984 and Big Brother is already watching you. A wall painting in this West German town, right fitting for 1984 in Dusseldorf, Germany, on Jan. 4, 1984. (AP Photo)
1984 by George Orwell
29th June 1965: O'Brien (played by Joseph O'Conor) tortures the hapless Winston Smith (David Buck) in a BBC TV production of George Orwell's classic novel '1984'. (Photo by Larry Ellis/Express/Getty Images)
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