12 ways to look thinner in your swimsuit

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12 ways to look thinner in your swimsuit

Bad posture is just like the camera: it adds 10 pounds.  Hold your head high with your shoulders back, and you'll look taller and leaner, plus your chest will look perkier!

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No, we're not saying you should go to the tanning bed or even lay outside (we hope you know the extreme cancer risks, but also realize how much the sun dries out your skin), we're saying you should go for an airbrush tan.  Using natural ingredients, these often don't leave behind a scent, and last for up to two weeks! Moisturized, tan legs will look long and lean!

Halter-style necklines are always flattering, because they balance you by showing off your shoulders, chest and back.  They also lift your bust - flattering both large and small chests. Ruching is great for concealing a tummy, and avoid tankinis if you don't want to look shorter.

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We know, it sounds kinda silly, but it works! Only use this if you put a serious sunscreen underneath (50 or above) because it will attract the sun to your skin even more.  But it'll also make you look leaner (notice how supermodels always have a sheen on their skin in photos?).

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Wearing your hair in a ponytail makes your neck stand out and look long and thin.  This adds height to your body, making you look lean.  Also, a long straight pony (versus a bun) adds length and elongates you!

It's true, the bigger the print, the bigger you look! This counts for bathing suits as well, so if you're going to go for a print, choose a small pattern.

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If you can get away with it, wear sandals with a wedge or a heel! A little extra height will elongate your legs and make you taller, and they'll make you have better posture, too.

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Wearing a dark bathing suit (just like wearing a LBD) is always flattering.  These suits are the most slimming, and a solid is best if you're trying to conceal any problem areas.

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We're serious -- going to the gym an hour before you hit the sand will make you look great.  Your muscles always look best fresh off a workout, plus you'll be feeling super confident and proud of yourself.  And you know it's true: confidence is sexy.
Reduce your salt intake at least a week before you plan on hitting the beach.  (Or reduce your intake in general... we promise your body will thank you!)  Salt causes you to bloat and hold on to unnecessary water weight, so put the shaker down!

Looking great on the beach doesn't stop at your bikini, a cover-up is just as important.  Pick a maxi dress or flattering sarong.  Making the mistake of wearing an old t-shirt or blouse will just make you look heavier than you are.

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All three of these styles are your friend, because they can draw the eye exactly where you want it.  Strategically placed ruffles will make you look like you have a bigger bust, drawing the eye up, and the optical illusion of stripes or zig-zags can mask any problem areas you don't like.

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This week in New York City the meteorologists are predicting highs of 70s and 80s, and we're excitedly pulling out our sundresses, having dreams of beach trips and sunny summer days.

As you gear up for the summer heat, you're thinking about (and possibly dreading) swimsuit season. Well, we've got good news for you: there are tons of ways to look thinner in your bathing suit, even if you haven't yet had the chance to shed those extra pounds you've been meaning to lose!

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From choosing the right suit -- both in color/pattern and shape -- to the way you stand and wear your hair, click through the gallery above to see how you can look your absolute best when you hit the beach this year.
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