25 pieces of eye-catching gemstone jewelry

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how to wear gemstones - the cut
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25 pieces of eye-catching gemstone jewelry
Watermelon-tourmaline earrings
$7,780, reneelewisjewelry.com
Blue-topaz and diamond ring
$1,350, effyjewelry.com
Citrine earrings with white sapphires
$160, greenwichjewelers.com
Blue-diamond ring
$3.1 million, tiffany.com
Moonstone earrings
$950, brokenenglishjewelry.com

Labradorite and diamond ring
$928, catbirdnyc.com

Paraiba tourmaline and diamond drop earrings
$28,800, nsrjewelry.com

Spinel, diamond, and platinum ring
Price upon request, taffin.com

Druzy ring
$68, darlingnyc.com
Peach-sapphire ring
$6,000 to $18,000, mociun.com
Mandarin garnet and diamond ring
$10,500, sidneygarber.com
Pyrite-and-diamond ring
$6,595, kararossny.com
Gray-diamond earrings
$36,000, nsrjewelry.com
Black-diamond ring
$2,050, catbirdnyc.com
Morganite ring with pavé diamonds
$1,600, sohogem.com
Lightning Ridge opal ring
$40,000, joelpriceopals.com
Oregon sunstone and cabochon ring
$1,656, mociun.com
Tanzanite earrings
$17,960, ireneneuwirth.com
Trapiche-emerald and diamond ring
$2,900, melissajoymanning.com
Demantoid scarab charm set
$5,995, aureliebidermann.com
Rubellite and diamond ring
$21,550, sidneygarber.com
Milky Way turquoise ring
$4,125, melissajoymanning.com
Alexandrite and diamond ring
Price upon request, tiffany.com
Blue-zircon ring
$2,710, greenwichjewelers.com
Tiger’s-eye ring
$625, melissajoymanning.com

Now that you've acquainted yourself with the full rainbow of candy-colored gemstones, it's time to figure out how to wear them.

Ahead, 25 glittering, covetable ideas - from multi-million-dollar blue-diamond baubles to affordable luxuries like citrine and tiger's eye. Whether in sparkling cocktail rings (like James de Givenchy for Taffin's spinel, diamond, and platinum design) or dangling earrings (like Renee Lewis's watermelon tourmalines), these are investments too commanding to leave in the jewelry box.

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