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Put down that shampoo! Steal these style and beauty secrets from the French

Though Paris Fashion Week is behind us, we've got the French on our mind. After seeing the street style from outside some of the biggest shows, we're left wondering ... how are all these French women so perfect? Here's the thing, they've got all these incredible beauty secrets -- ones they're largely keeping to themselves -- and Tish Jett over at the Daily Mail is giving readers the scoop.

From reducing how often you wash your hair to a deeply engrained skincare regimen, click through the gallery above to see style and beauty secrets from the French. And yes, you'll learn how to resist chomping down on a delicious french baguette (shhh, hot tea!) or, at least, having just a few bites instead of the whole thing.

We promise your skin, hair, closet, everything will thank you. (DailyMail)

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