The top 7 sexiest Super Bowl studs from each team

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For non-football fans, Super Bowl Sunday can be a boring day punctuated by fun commercials and a halftime show. But if you're into sexy studs, there's plenty to watch when the players are on the field. Here's a look at the hottest hunks suiting up for each side in this year's big game.


1. Julian Edelman, Wide Receiver

You're probably thinking Tom Brady should be at the top of this list. But #11 won the hearts of Pats fans (and anyone with eyeballs) in a big way this season. I mean, did you see that face? Plus, even though he's now a wide receiver, the former college quarterback sometimes does super sexy things like this:

2. Tom Brady, Quarterback

An annual favorite on nearly every list of hottest athletes, the Patriots quarterback may have been dethroned by his #1 receiver, but we still love him. So does his supermodel wife.

3. Rob Gronkowski, Tight End

The Pats' resident party boy has an adorable face and a body that makes us swoon. Added bonus: he's so hard to tackle that sometimes his pants get pulled down and you can see his "tight end."

4. Jonas Gray, Running Back

In the Patriots' regular season game against the Colts, just one month after being promoted from the team's practice squad, the running back rushed for 201 yards and a franchise-record 4 TDs in one game. That's pretty hot.

5. Michael Hoomanawanui, Tight End

The Pats' #2 tight end is often overshadowed by the Gronk of it all, but he's pretty adorable in his own right. Plus, if you go out with him, maybe he'll teach you how to say his name.

6. Stevan Ridley, Running Back

Ridley tore his ACL in Week 6 of the 2014 season, which ended his year. We'd happily help him rehabilitate.

7. Jimmy Garoppolo, Quarterback

Backups deserve love too, and it's clear that even when Tom Brady isn't under center, the Patriots have someone just as good looking (maybe even better looking?!) to fill those cleats.

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1. Russell Wilson, Quarterback

The Seahawks' young leader has sported some seriously sexy scruff this season.

2. Cooper Helfet, Tight End

Let's just say if "tight-ending" doesn't pan out, Cooper could take that face to Hollywood.

3. Bobby Wagner, Linebacker

Just try not to stare into those eyes. Go ahead. We'll wait.

4. Doug Baldwin, Wide Receiver

Baldwin was determined to nab the 'Hawks #1 receiver spot this season after the team got rid of Golden Tate and Percy Harvin. He won that position, and our hearts.

5. Malcolm Smith, Linebacker

In last year's playoffs, Smith had two key interceptions that helped his team win it all. We like him a lot more than Peyton Manning probably does.

6. Richard Sherman, Cornerback

Confidence is sexy, and the Seahawks' outspoken corner has a LOT of confidence.

7. Steven Hauschka, Kicker

We've got love for the kickers, too. Especially ones with baby blues like this cutie pie.

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The top 7 sexiest Super Bowl studs from each team

Super Bowl I

Green Bay Packers 35 - Kansas City Chiefs 10

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

January 15, 1967

Super Bowl II 

Green bay Packers 33 - Oakland Raiders 14

Orange Bowl (Miami, Florida)

January 14, 1968

Super Bowl III

New York Jets 16 - Baltimore Colts 7

Orange Bowl (Miami, Florida)

January 11, 1969

Super Bowl IV

Kansas City Chiefs 23 - Minnesota Vikings 7

Tulane Stadium (New Orleans, Louisiana)

January 11, 1970

Super Bowl V

Baltimore Colts 16 - Dallas Cowboys 13

Orange Bowl (Miami, Florida)

January 17, 1971

Super Bowl VI

Dallas Cowboys 24 - Miami Dolphins 3

Tulane Stadium (New Orleans, Louisiana)

January 16, 1972

Super Bowl VII

Miami Dolphins 14 - Washington Redskins 7

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

January 14, 1973

Super Bowl VIII

Miami Dolphins 24 - Minnesota Vikings 7

Rice Stadium (Houston, Texas)

January 13, 1974

Super Bowl IX

Pittsburgh Steelers 16 - Minnesota Vikings 6

Tulane Stadium (New Orleans, Louisiana)

January 12, 1975

Super Bowl X

Pittsburgh Steelers 21, Dallas Cowboys 17

Orange Bowl (Miami, Florida)

January 18, 1976

Super Bowl XI

Oakland Raiders 32 - Minnesota Vikings 14

Rose Bowl (Pasadena, California)

January 20, 1977

Super Bowl XII

Dallas Cowboys 27 - Denver Broncos 10

Superdome (New Orleans, Louisiana)

January 15, 1978

Super Bowl XIII

Pittsburgh Steelers 35 - Dallas Cowboys 31

Orange Bowl (Miami, Florida)

January 21, 1979

Super Bowl XIV

Pittsburgh Steelers 31 - Los Angeles Rams 19

Rose Bowl (Pasadena, California)

January 20, 1980

Super Bowl XV

Oakland Raiders 27 - Philadelphia Eagles 10

Superdome (New Orleans, Louisiana)

January 25, 1981

Super Bowl XVI

San Francisco 49ers 26 - Cincinnati Bengals 12

Silverdome (Pontiac, Michigan)

January 24, 1982

Super Bowl XVII

Washington Redskins 27 - Miami Dolphins 17

Rose Bowl (Pasadena, California)

January 30, 1983

Super Bowl XVIII

Los Angeles Raiders 38 - Washington Redskins 9

Tampa Stadium

January 22, 1984

Super Bowl XIX

San Francisco 38 - Miami 16

Stanford Stadium (Stanford, California)

January 20, 1985

Super Bowl XX

Chicago Bears 46 - New England Patriots 10

Superdome (New Orleans, Louisiana)

January 26, 1986

Super Bowl XXI

New York Giants 39 - Denver Broncos 20

Rose Bowl (Pasadena, California)

January 25, 1987

Super Bowl XXII

Washington Redskins 42 - Denver Broncos 10

Jack Murphy Stadium (San Diego, California)

January 31, 1988

Super Bowl XXIII

San Francisco 20 - Cincinnati Bengals 16

Joe Robbie Stadium (Miami, Florida)

January 22, 1989

Super Bowl XXIV

San Francisco 49ers 55 - Denver 10

Superdome (New Orleans, Louisiana)

January 28, 1990

Super Bowl XXV

New York Giants 20 - Buffalo Bills 19

Tampa Stadium

January 27, 1991

Super Bowl XXVI

Washington Redskins 37 - Buffalo Bills 24

Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

January 26, 1992

Super Bowl XXVII

Dallas Cowboys 52 - Buffalo Bills 17

Rose Bowl (Pasadena, California)

January 31, 1993

Super Bowl XXVIII

Dallas Cowboys 30 - Buffalo Bills 13

Georgia Dome

January 30, 1994

Super Bowl XXIX

San Francisco 49ers 49 - San Diego Chargers 26

Joe Robbie Stadium (Miami, Florida)

January 29, 1995

Super Bowl XXX

Dallas Cowboys 27 - Pittsburgh Steelers 17

Sun Devil Stadium (Tempe, Arizona)

January 28, 1996

Super Bowl XXXI

Green Bay Packers 35 - New England Patriots 21

Superdome (New Orleans, Louisiana)

January 26, 1997

Super Bowl XXXII

Denver Broncos 31 - Green Bay Packers 24

Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego, California)

January 25, 1998

Super Bowl XXXIII

Denver Broncos 34 - Atlanta Falcons 19

Pro Player Stadium (Miami, Florida)

January 31, 1999

Super Bowl XXXIV

St. Louis Rams 23 - Tennessee 16

Georgia Dome

January 30, 2000

Super Bowl XXXV

Baltimore Ravens 34 - New York Giants 7

Raymond James Stadium (Tampa, Florida)

January 28, 2001

Super Bowl XXXVI

New England Patriots 20 - St. Louis Rams 17

Superdome (New Orleans, Louisiana)

February 5, 2002

Super Bowl XXXVII

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48 - Oakland Raiders 21

Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego, California)

January 26, 2003

Super Bowl XXXVIII

New England Patriots 32 - Carolina Panthers 29

Reliant Stadium (Houston, Texas)

February 1, 2004

Super Bowl XXXIX

New England Patriots 24 - Philadelphia Eagles 21

Alltel Stadium (Jacksonville, Florida)

February 6, 2005

Super Bowl XL

Pittsburgh Steelers 21 - Seattle Seahawks 10

For Field (Detroit, Michigan)

February 5, 2006

Super Bowl XLI

Indianapolis Colts 29 - Chicago Bears 17

Dolphin Stadium (Miami, Florida)

February 4, 2007

Super Bowl XLII

New York Giants 17 - New England Patriots 14

University of Phoenix Stadium

February 3, 2008

Super Bowl XLIII

Pittsburgh Steelers 27 - Arizona Cardinals 23

Raymond James Stadium (Tampa, Florida)

February 1, 2009

Super Bowl XLIV

New Orleans Saints 31 - Indianapolis Colts 17

Sun Life Stadium (Miami, Florida)

February 7, 2010

Super Bowl XLV

Green Bay Packers 31 - Pittsburgh Steelers 25

Cowboys Stadium (Arlington, Texas)

February 6, 2011

Super Bowl XLVI

New York Giants 21 - New England Patriots 17

Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, Indiana)

February 5, 2012

Super Bowl XLVII

Baltimore Ravens 34 - San Francisco 49ers 31

Mercedes-Benz Superdome (New Orleans, Louisiana)

February 3, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII

Seattle Seahawks 43 - Denver Broncos 8

MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, New Jersey)

February 2, 2014


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