If you wore this to Halloween, you grew up in the '70s

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'70s Halloween Costumes (DYR)
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If you wore this to Halloween, you grew up in the '70s

Tiger costumes were all the rage in the 70s for some unexplainable reason. I guess everything had to have a pattern on it back then. 

Your parents had to be very progressive to let you wear this to the Halloween dance. 

Captain Kirk continues to be a hit with nerds nationwide. 
Raggedy Anne and Bozo The Clown -- these two are forever tied to the '70s, go figure. 

Imagine wearing that mask all day? I’m sweating from just the thought of it. 

I’m confused, are you dressed as the shark, or the movie? 

Little known fact: years later they wore the exact same thing at their wedding. 
I’d have a lot of friends too if I dressed like this to school everyday.

By Do You Remember

Every decade has its own set of special costumes kids were particularly fond of. Whether it was in pop culture zeitgeist, or the brain child of a couple of designers looking to make a buck, these quirky creations were clearly the outcome of one of our favorite decades, the '70s. Either you wore it, wanted it, or were repulsed by the sight of it, but you'll surely remember these Halloween staples.

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