10 sadistic pranks pulled by Alfred Hitchcock

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Alfred Hitchcock Pranks
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10 sadistic pranks pulled by Alfred Hitchcock
Hitchcock once allegedly bet a property man on his film set a week's salary to spend a night chained inside of a dark, abandoned studio. The man agreed and before Alfred left, he gave the man a drink of Brandy to help him relax -- or so he said. Unfortunately for the man, it was laced with strong laxatives and when they returned in the morning, the man was unavoidably soiled. (The Dark Side of Genius: The Life of Alfred Hitchcock)
Warner Bros. sent out a report that Hitchcock let his daughter, Pat, ride an Ferris wheel on one of his sets, only to order the machine stopped with her at the top and all the lights turned off while he went to film another scene elsewhere. He left his terrified daughter screaming for an hour before letting her down. (The Dark Side of Genius: The Life of Alfred Hitchcock, p. 325)
He once sent a horse to the dressing room of Gerald Du Maurier "just to see how he would react to inconvenience."
He would frequently send anonymous love letters to a married radio host who shared the show with her husband. On his last note, Hitchcock sent flowers with a note that read: "I wanted to see what this would do to the husband." The radio show reportedly ended that day. (The Dark Side of Genius: The Life of Alfred Hitchcock)
It's common knowledge now that Hitchcock tortured Tippi Hedren unmercifully during filming for 'The Birds,' but what you may not know is that he actually took a swipe at her 6-year-old daughter as well, who happens to be Melanie Griffith. Hitchcock gave the little girl a wax figure of her mother in a coffin, dressed up in the same costume she wore in 'The Birds' -- and he made sure it looked exactly like her mother. Creepy.

While filming 'The 39 Steps,' Hitchcock had Robert Donat and Madeleine Carroll handcuffed together and pretended to have lost the key for many hours. The two had just met and allegedly had quite an awkward afternoon.

When well-mannered guests would arrive at his house, Hitchcock would place whoopie cushions under the sofa cushions and look shocked when when they made flatulent sounds. (The Dark Side of Genius: The Life of Alfred Hitchcock)
He would frequently invite guests over for formal dinners, only to serve each course in the wrong order, going from dessert to salads to the main course and so on.
Moreover, at these dinners, Hitchcock would ofter add food coloring to make creations like blue trout or soup to see if his company would eat it.
Actor Peter Lorre once complained to Hitchcock about a suit he had ruined during filming. Alfred told him he was acting like a child, but nonetheless sent him a fully tailored new suit -- in a child's size.


The seemingly psychotic clowns roaming the streets of California towns this past week are downright terrifying. Whether they were inspired by 'American Horror Story's' new Twisty the Clown character or just coincidentally emerged at a time when our collective fear of killer clowns are at an all-time high, someone is surely having a good laugh about the terror being inflicted on unsuspecting bystanders.

In honor of this twisted prank, we've compiled ten sadistic practical jokes from a quiet prank master in his own right -- Alfred Hitchcock. It's not shocking, considering his filmography, that Hitchcock liked to pull one over on his friends every once in a while, but by all accounts he was downright mean with a lot of his stunts. Everyone from his star actresses to his own child were considered fair game and he seemingly refused to pull any punches. Scroll through the images above to read Alfred Hitchcock's top 10 ruthless pranks.

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