North West also has a YSL purse, ladies and gents

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Because every baby needs a Chanel bag AND a YSL bag.

While we were recovering from these new ADORABLE photos of North West entering the airport with her parents, we couldn't help balking a bit. She's wearing a seriously cute outfit -- black and white striped pants, a black tee and to-die-for baby combat boots -- but she's also wearing a purse by Yves Saint Laurent.

Yes, a baby-sized, over-the-shoulder studded purse from YSL. What, pray tell, might this adorable baby be carrying in her extremely expensive purse? A pacifier...?

Kim and Kanye are obviously great at dressing their little muchkin (she was wearing a super cute army green jacket earlier this week!), but we're thinking the purse may be a bit much. Either way, Nori is already a fashionista at only 14 months old!

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