Toddler's attempt to say 'soup' ends in humorous mis-pronunciation

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Toddler's Attempt to Say 'Soup' Ends in Humorous Mis-Pronunciation

Tendai Mbakada's young toddler was left a little confused when presented with a bowl of soup to drink. After inquiring as to what the liquid was, he tried to make the same sound his parents had just said. No matter how hard he tried, however, the word couldn't come out any other way but sounding like 'poop.' As seen in this feel-good footage, the family can't help giggling at the humorous mis-pronunciation.

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His mom says that Kai, 2, is curious baby and is at a stage where he's gaining confidence with his words although he replaces most of the words that start with an 'S' with 'P'. For example he will say " Pop It" when trying to say " Stop It" We always have a good laugh about this and this particular time we decided to record him.

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