Slice of Princess Diana's wedding cake sold at auction

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Slice Of Princess Diana's Wedding Cake Sold At Auction

A single slice of Princess Diana and Prince Charles's wedding cake was sold at auction for $1375. The 33-year-old piece of cake came with an original white and silver box, featuring Charles and Diana's initials and the date of the ceremony, July 29th 1981.

Apparently there is a dedicated group of royal cake collectors. Back in 2012, another piece of the wedding cake was sold at auction along with a slice of William and Kate's wedding cake. That same year, a piece of toast from Charles and Diana's wedding breakfast sold for nearly $400.

It raises the question: what does one do with the cake? It's not something you can openly display in your home. Maybe you just keep in the refrigerator, and wait for a special occasion to enjoy a crusty, moldy piece of history. Delicious.
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