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Texas man admits to destroying his $1M Bugatti on purpose

Texas Man Admits To Destroying His $1M Bugatti On Purpose

There are those of us who dream of driving a million-dollar car, but one Texas man's dream was to get rid of his Bugatti instead.

Thirty-nine-year-old Andy Lee House pleaded guilty to wire mail fraud this week and could face up to 20 years in prison after he intentionally drove his Bugatti Veyron into a bay.

Media outlets first picked up the story in 2009, the year the crash took place. Back then House told authorities he was reaching for his cellphone when he looked up, saw a pelican, and swerved to try to avoid it. House, however, wasn't aware another motorist recorded the crash.

As you can see in this video posted to YouTube, there's no pelican in sight as the Bugatti drives straight off the rode and into the water near La Marque, Texas.

Authorities say House left the engine running in the car, further damaging it and totaling the car. But why, you ask?

He bought the rare car in 2006 for $1 million but insured it for $2.2 million. House later filed a claim with the insurance company and collected the money for the damaged vehicle.

The Bugatti Veyron is one of the rarest, fastest and most expensive cars in the world. The Italian-made car can reach speeds up to 250 mph.

And as Jalopnik points out, more recent versions of it cost about the same as an MiG-29UB fighter jet.

A date for House's sentencing has not been set yet.

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