From Texas, where everything is bigger, behold the 99-pack of beer

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99-pack of beer
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From Texas, where everything is bigger, behold the 99-pack of beer
Received at Wheatsville. Off to the last drop at North Loop Food Store.
Airport down, off to Sunrise on Anderson.
HEB Hancock. Already sold. Heading to HEB Meuller now!
About to hit the shelf at HEB on Congress & Oltorf. Off to HEB slaughter next! #anytimeale
Round 1.
We usually encourage walking when possible but today would have been a good day to drive down to the bottle shop. #anytimeale
Really need one of these @AustinBeerworks 99 packs of #AnytimeAle in my life.


Austin, Texas (Reuters) - Beer packaging has just gotten a lot bigger in Texas, where a small brewery is launching a 99-pack of its "Peacemaker" ale.

The 7-foot-long (2.13-meter-long) pack consists of three rows of 33 cans that tip the scales at 82 pounds (37 kg) and will likely have a retail price of about $99. Austin Beerworks plans to put its first 99-pack on store shelves this week.

"We made it at first as a joke," said Michael Graham, co-founder of the Austin-based craft brewery. But it seems a lot of people are taking it seriously.

Despite not being an easy fit for store shelves, interest has been high among retailers for the 99-packs, which are too big for home refrigerators but designed so that once a pack is opened, the beer can be covered in ice.

The company plans to ship about 20 of the massive packs a week.

"You might want to share this with about 33 of your friends," Graham said. (Editing by Eric Walsh)

Texas Brewery Debuts a 99-Pack of Beer

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