We think Kim Kardashian just had a major wardrobe malfunction

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Kim Kardashian attended the Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey's Artist In Residence Donald Robertson event at the Violet Grey store in Los Angeles last night (otherwise known as the longest-named event ever), and we have some serious questions about her outfit. The first (well, only question really) being, did Kim just suffer a....nip slip?!

Historically speaking, we wouldn't put it past Kim to have a purposeful nip slip, but this may be the most revealing look we've ever seen her in. The black Yiqing Yin jumpsuit featured some seriously wide cutouts, featured most prominently right smack dab in the center of her chest. The results are, well, pretty obvious. Again, we're not sure if this was an honest wardrobe malfunction, or Kim's idea of an appropriate outfit for a night at an art show, but it could have been neither -- perhaps just a trick of the eye?

We guess we'll never know the full truth, but we want to hear your thoughts below. Is this a wardrobe malfunction, or did Kim intend to wear her jumpsuit this way? VOTE in our poll below, and don't forget to click through the gallery above to see some of the worst celebrity wardrobe malfunctions.

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