Beluga whale teases kids in aquarium

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Playful Beluga Whale Teases Kids

A trip to the aquarium is usually a chance for children to watch sea animals go about their own business, oblivious to outside observers. In this video, a beluga whale turns the tables as it teases two startled kids, pressing its mouth against the glass panel dividing them.

Watch their brilliant reaction as the mischievous mammal then turns his back on the pair, pretending to have forgotten about them, only to turn around and startle them again and again.

The videographer and a friend, who had met in an online support group for a childrens' rare genetic disorder called FOD, went to the aquarium so the kids could meet someone else with the same disorder.

After they tried to share the cute video with the aquarium, they got no response, so they uploaded it themselves and Juno the whale really caught on.
we never tried to get a response in any way shape or form from the whales. they did this on their own. the video is actually the second or third time the whale juno teased our kids!
we submitted the video to the aquarium with no response last year. suddenly, it started being reshared on my 40th bday a week and a half ago. then another and another.

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Beluga whale teases kids in aquarium
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