A total body workout in 20 minutes -- seriously!

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If you like to jump, kick, and sweat, then these exercises are for you. We enlisted the help of fitness guru Todd McCullough, a former college football player who grew up in his father's gym. Giving up an hour of your time to exercise can feel more like a burden than anything else, which is why Todd developed a series of 20-minute workouts that get you the same results in less time.

Todd has a simple philosophy - sweat and eat clean. "There are all types of ways to train. Figure out a way you like to sweat and stick to it. Find something that works with your schedule. Eat whole foods and remember being healthy is a lifestyle not a chore," remarked Todd.

Check out one of Todd's 20-minute workouts here:

If you are looking for a sweat-worthy workout, check out the gallery above or visit Todd's website for more workouts!

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