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Money falls off armored truck after cash pick-up

Money Falls Off Armored Truck After Cash Pick-Up

More bad news for the doomed Revel Casino Hotel in Atlantic City. More than $20,000 has gone missing after falling off the roof of an armored truck that had picked up cash from the soon-to-be-closed resort.

Surveillance footage confirms a Garda World armored vehicle arrived at revel the morning of August 6h for a cash pickup, but the truck pulled away with the bag of money sitting on the roof. The bag can be seen in surveillance footage from subsequent pick-ups, so it's unclear exactly when the cash fell off the garda truck.

A spokesman for Garda released a statement saying, "We are cooperating with the authorities in investigating this incident and cannot provide any additional details."

The casino has not released a statement.

This is just the latest blow to Revel, the $2.4B casino and hotel announced earlier this month that they would be closing their doors September 2nd after just two years because of a number of financial issues. They hope that by closing, their ability to find a buyer for the property will improve.

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