Demi Lovato's 10 best looks

Demi Lovato turns 22 today, August 20th. The singer and actress got her start on Barney and Friends (we know, how cute right?!) as a young child, but rose to fame through the Disney Channel and her incredible talent in music.

Though she's still quite young, Demi has been a role model for young girls for many years. She's very open about her trials as a teen and how she was bullied by her peers, and as such has created a loyal fanbase that doesn't just love her for her music, but also for her strength and honesty.

Recently Demi lent her talents to the stage as a judge on "The X-Factor" for two seasons, but has stepped down from her post to focus on her next album. She's launching her first worldwide tour -- the Demi World Tour -- starting this September and traveling to 25 cities.

Sartorially, Demi clearly has a passion for Topshop, something we totally understand, and she often wears a flirty dress from the label with a leather jacket or bold boots to match. Click through the gallery above to see her 10 best looks, and wish her a happy 22nd today!

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