Potent drug gaining popularity

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Potent Drug Gaining Popularity

A powerful drug is gaining popularity across the U.S. and while one state is embracing it, many drug enforcement officials aren't. It's popularly known as "wax" and it looks a lot like it. It's a concentrated form of marijuana that is said to pack a potent punch because it contains a high level of THC - about the equivalent of smoking 15 to 20 joints.

An officer told WAGA, "It's just an extra kick. It gets 'em higher and it gets 'em higher faster."

Colorado marijuana shops are embracing the newly legal cannabis. Supporters say it helps manage pain and curb addictions to harmful substances like alcohol and prescription drugs.

But other states that have seen a rise in the drug, like California and Georgia, aren't as thrilled. A DEA officer in San Diego says officials have seen it cause brain damage and an onset of psychosis...though no data has been provided to support either side's claims.

But most people seem to agree the drug is dangerous to make. Another popular name it goes by is BHO - butane hash oil. Butane is highly flammable and small sparks can cause dangerous explosions.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency issued a nationwide warning to authorities in February about the rise in hash oil and the risk of explosions.

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