Man finds one-of-a-kind baseball card

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Pennsylvania Man Finds One-of-a-Kind Baseball Card

Baseball card collecting can be a lot like playing the lottery. And if that's the case, a Lancaster man who says he's been collecting cards since he was 6-years-old just hit the jackpot.

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"The first pack I ever opened was 1959 football cards," said Greg Gehman. While Gehman has owned a lot of cards, he's never found one like this. "I think it's the best card there is."

Stacey Whisman of Wheatland Auction Services agrees.

"Babe Ruth, whether you're a sports fan or a complete non-sports fan, you know who Babe Ruth is." Whisman, who is auctioning off Greg's card for him says what makes this card especially valuable -- besides belonging to Babe Ruth -- is the clear signature. The signing has been graded a 9 out of 10, which is an exceptionally rare score. Autographs of this quality aren't seen often.

The autograph was actually pulled from a letter that the Bambino wrote himself. He even spelled sincerely wrong. "It's a 1-of-1 card. It's one of a kind," said Whisman

It's important to note though, that Greg didn't just pull his card from a run-of-the-mill 3-dollar pack. He pulled his Babe Ruth from a 50-dollar-a-pack Topps Museum Collection. But, since the card is estimated to be worth anywhere from 6-to-15 thousand dollars...we'd say it was a good investment.

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