Robin Williams' daughter Zelda leaves social media after harassment

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Robin Williams' 25-year-old daughter Zelda Williams announced early Wednesday morning that she will be leaving the social media world, possibly for good. Two days after her famous father committed suicide, Zelda posted to her Instagram saying that she needed to temporarily abandon the account, and asked for her followers to be respectful after being inundated with well-wishing commenters sharing their personal experiences with losing loved ones to suicide. And some followers even worked their way through Zelda's pictures to find ones she posted of her father over a year ago to express their condolences.

While most of the messages were written with good intentions, others deeply upset her. Zelda had posted a now-deleted tweet saying, 'Please report @PimpStory @MrGoosebuster. I'm shaking. I can't. Please. Twitter requires a link and I won't open it. Don't either. Please.'

Just Jared reports that users @PimpStory and @MrGoosebuster had harassed Zelda by posting Photoshopped images of her father 'supposedly after his death' and verbally abused her. Twitter has since suspended their accounts.

Zelda followed up on Twitter by saying 'I'm sorry. I should've risen above,' referencing her earlier tweet. "Deleting this from my devices for a good long time, maybe forever. Time will tell. Goodbye."

Zelda paid tribute to her father over Tumblr where she posted a lengthy message reflecting on their lives together and again addressed the people sending her terrible messages.

"As for those who are sending negativity, know that some small, giggling part of him is sending a flock of pigeons to your house to poop on your car. Right after [you've] had it washed."

Robin Williams' body was found by his assistant on Monday, August 12th. It is believed that he committed suicide with his belt and had superficial cuts on his wrists. The actor is famous for movies like 'Aladdin,' 'Mrs. Doubtfire,' 'Good Morning, Vietnam,' and 'Good Will Hunting,' for which he won an Academy Award. He had battled bouts of depression and addiction throughout his life, and had recently done a stint in rehabilitation 'for continued sobriety,' according to the Huffington Post.

The original post Zelda sent after learning of her father's death quoted 'The Little Prince,' capturing the reason why he will be so badly missed by all.

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