Airline's cute, unusual safety tactic

Airlines Unusual, Cute Safety Tactic

We all enjoy a little in-flight entertainment, but British Airways is putting a furry new spin on the perk...puppies and kittens.

It's called "Paws and Relax TV" and believe it or not, it's a safety tactic. On top of being outrageously adorable, the program is supposed to calm down passengers.

And if you have a difficult time flying, this could actually calm your nerves!

Researchers in Japan conducted a study that suggests looking at images of cute animals relieves stress and lowers the heart rate possibly because of the positive feelings that they cause.

And the benefits could extend to the ground...

The same study suggests we should keep these lovable guys around the office because they improve production and help with concentration. So bring on the cuteness!

The channel is set to air in the air in September.

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