Greek PM says important tomb found in northern dig

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AMPHIPOLIS, Greece (AP) - Greece's prime minister says archaeologists excavating an ancient mound in northern Greece have uncovered what appears to be the entrance to an important tomb from about the end of the reign of ancient warrior-king Alexander the Great.

Antonis Samaras, who visited the excavation Tuesday, issued a statement saying the discovery "is clearly extremely important" and dates between 325-300 B.C.

Alexander, who died in 323 B.C., was buried in Egypt. His empire stretched from modern Greece to India.

Samaras said a broad road led to the tomb, while the entrance was flanked by two carved sphinxes - mythical creatures that blend human, bird and lion characteristics. It was unclear how far archaeologists have reached.

Samaras said it remains to be seen who was buried in the tumulus, near ancient Amphipolis.

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