10 must-have dorm room essentials

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10 must-have dorm room essentials

Dorm rooms are one of the trickiest parts about back-to-school season. There's not a ton of space for two people (let alone sometimes three or four!) to share a room. That's where organizing and planning come in with these dorm room essentials. These can really turn out to be a life saver in a small space!

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1. Bed risers & storage bins: Take advantage of under-the-bed space in these cramped spaces.

2. Bathroom carrier: This is especially helpful if you have a communal bathroom arrangement in your first dormitory. These bins make transporting shampoo, conditioner, and body wash back and forth a breeze.

3. Erase board calendar: Take advantage of that wall space with a key organizational tool. Use this throughout the semester to map holidays, finals, and more.

4. Power strip: Chances are, your dorm won't be super equipped with tons of plugs. In today's day plugged-in world, this is a must-have.

5. Mini-fridge and microwave: Though some dorms come equipped with these, most don't. If you're inclined to make food or store it, you should probably invest in these essential items.

6. Headphones: If there's one thing dorms aren't, it's quiet. Some good soundproof headphones will do you well on those late study nights in your room!

7. Desk lamp: Again, for those late nights of studying you'll be doing, right?

8. Extra seating: If you've got room, go ahead an throw in a futon or some cool bean bag chairs. Dorm rooms are all about being communal, so be sure to give friends and dorm mates places to sit.

9. Blankets and pillows: Make your (possibly uncomfortable) dorm room bed more homey with lots of extra blankets and pillows.

10. Alarm clock: Yes, it's the age of cellphones, but sometimes it's better to rely on a real clock to ring you awake.

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10 must-have dorm room essentials
Babson College topped Money's "Best Colleges" list.
WELLESLEY, MA - MAY 16: Outside his Babson College dorm, senior Todd Myatt holds his job offer from Zefer. He met his future employer on a train while reading a Harvard B-school case study. Myatt says that he did not know that that impromptu conversation was his job interview. (Photo by Pat Greenhouse/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)
Webb Institute, another largely unknown college, ranked at no.2.
MIT surprisingly was considered the third best college by Money.
Princeton clocked in at no. 4.
No. 5: Stanford University
No. 6: Harvard
No. 7: Harvey Mudd College
No. 8: Cooper Union College
No. 9: Brigham Young University
No. 10: California Institute of Technology
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