'Lion Whisperer' tries to talk about lions, is repeatedly interrupted by lions

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'Lion Whisperer' Tries to Talk About Lion Conservation, Is Repeatedly Interrupted By Lions

One of the world's most recognizable animal behaviorists tries to get a message out about lion conservation, but the lions won't let him get a word in edgewise.

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Nicknamed 'The Lion Whisperer,' Kevin Richardson is known for his astonishing rapport with lions at his Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa. Last year, a video of him hugging and snuggling with fully grown lions garnering nearly 19 million times on YouTube.

'Lion Whisperer' Hugs and Snuggles African Lions in Amazing Video

To commemorate World Lion Day, Richardson released a new video where he begins to explain the plight of the lions -- a plight a lion named Tau seems to be equally passionate about.

At the mention of the habitat loss, Tau starts growling and howling. Richardson passes the time by lip-syncing along and getting a friendly pat from another cuddly lion.

Finally, Tau finishes his speech ... and Richardson is able to continue.

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