Detective surprised with birthday prank

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Police Officer Gets His Car Covered In Post-Its

One officer from the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department had the tables turned on him for his 50th birthday when he found his car covered in Post-it notes.

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WDAF caught up with Det. Stuart Littlefield to hear his reaction.

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"I can't tell you what I said, but the gist is, golly, they got me."

We're not sure how long the prank took to complete, but it's pretty obvious there was a lot of thought behind it, and Det. Littlefield got it good.

Imagine this – the pranksters used about 4,000 three-inch, square Post-it notes. And they completely covered his car... which, trust us, takes a while.

We did our own experiment to see just how long it might take. It took about three minutes and 30 seconds to only stick about 55 Post-its to the wall... so the car coverage would've easily taken hours.

And to think – that was a clean wall and not as perfectly-placed as the ones on the car. We can't imagine how much patience you'd need to keep them stuck on a car.

That level of dedication is probably what grabbed the attention of NBC's Brian Williams, who gave Littlefield a shoutout.

"Happy 50th to Stuart Littlefield."

Which local station KSHB thought was just incredible.

"So epic here, NBC's 'Nightly News With Brian Williams' showed it."

"That is pretty epic."

In short: epic. But stars rise, and they fall. WDAF posted the story to its Facebook page, and we noticed the prank was actually controversial among commenters.

Many suggested the prank was paid for with taxpayers' money.

Which - just so everyone knows - would've been about $50 in Post-its. Huge.

Others were concerned about whether the officers who pulled the prank were off-duty at the time.

OK. That we get.

But WDAF calmed the masses with an update reading: "We have confirmed the men and women behind this awesome prank purchased the sticky notes themselves. So, calm. down. people. please."

Littlefield says turning 50 was supposed to be "low-key" ... so watch out pranksters, payback is coming.

This video includes an image from Andreas Kopp / CC BY 2.0.

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