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New York Housewife Ramona Attacks Andy Cohen On Part Two Of Reunion Show

New York Housewife Ramona Attacks Andy Cohen On Part Two Of Reunion Show

Things got heated on part two of "The Real Housewives Of New York" reunion, and this time it wasn't between two housewives...

Instead host Andy Cohen found himself getting yelled after bringing up Ramona's marital troubles... aka her husband Mario's rumored infidelity.

RAMONA: "I don't want to take this discussion any further. I have a daughter that's it. Thank you.
RAMONA: "So, how's your love life? Who you gonna have sex with tonight? Tell me.
ANDY: "I'll tell you when I go on a reality show with whoever I'm having sex with."
RAMONA: "Well, you're on a reality show right here baby."
ANDY: "I'm actually not, honey."

Zap2It was just as surprised as we were at Ramona's reaction, calling it shocking.

"She completely loses it on Cohen, who often weighs in on the 'Housewife' drama, but is never sucked into the center. Cohen seems to handle it well, though."

But, as The Wrap notes, Ramona and Mario's separation wasn't a storyline this past season, even though it has been generating headlines this year/. Clearly, she wasn't expecting the questions, and even though she urged Andy to move on he kept on questioning her.

While there a slew of fan reactions on Twitter, most people seemed to be on Andy's side, saying Ramona dishes on everyone else's issues and marriages, but won't talk about her own, and she did sign up for a reality tv show.

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