Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom get in a fight

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By Megan Ross

Justin and Orlando shockingly got into a scuffle in front of a crowd of celebrities today at a Cipriani restaurant in Ibiza, Spain, according to TMZ. And this isn't long after Selena had a great night hanging out with Orlando!

Orlando Bloom, 37, allegedly threw a punch at Justin Bieber, 20, in front of multiple celebrities, including Paris Hilton and Diddy, at Cipriani restaurant in Ibiza, Spain just a few hours ago! Orlando and Selena Gomez, 22, have been hanging out ever since her most recent split from Justin. Meanwhile, Justin was linked to Miranda Kerr, 31, in October, 2012, when they were reportedly seen hanging out at a hotel and he allegedly sent her some flirty texts, according to Us Weekly. Orlando filed for divorce in October, 2013. So did Orlando and Justin get into it over their not so long ago loves - Selena and Miranda?

It looks like the bad blood between Justin and Orlando came to a head in the early morning hours of July 30, according to a new report and video.

Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber Come To Blows

In footage posted by TMZ, you can see a scuffle that takes place between two men whom the site claims are the two stars. Two eyewitness tell TMZ that immediately before the video begins, Justin "ducked the punch" reportedly thrown by Orlando.

That's when Justin screamed, "What's up, b*tch" to Orlando, TMZ reports.

And at the start of the clip, you can hear a voice that sounds like Justin's yelling, "What's up?" Then a man who looks like Orlando walks over closely to Justin and there's a scuffle.

Justin then fled the restaurant, and the crowd applauded, according to TMZ.

Do you think this fight was over Selena? Watch the video of the encounter right here.

An eyewitness claimed to HollywoodLife.com that it looked like Justin "purposely bumped into Orlando on his way in and made it look like he didn't. Then some sort of swing from Orlando happened and the incident you see on the tape is at the end. The swing was a punch motion but in mid-throw Orlando realized what he was doing and pulled back, making it look awkward and something that didn't connect."

Another source claimed to HollywoodLife.com that Justin had been hanging out with Diddy. Justin is friends with Diddy's nephew. According to TMZ's report, Diddy was at the restaurant when the alleged scuffle occurred.

These two guys have a past that certainly could have incited them to get up into each other's faces. When Orlando was still married to Miranda, Justin allegedly partied with her after the Victoria's Secret show in November, 2012, which caused tension with Orlando, according to Us Weekly magazine.

"Orlando heard that there had been some flirting going on, and he wasn't exactly thrilled about it," a source told The Mirror. "Miranda had always claimed that she was a fan of Justin's music."

Justin put on a hot performance at that year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and hung out with Miranda backstage afterwards. They were photographed together while Miranda was stilling wearing her sexy, bedazzled green corset after walking the runway.

The drama between these two doesn't end there. After Justin and Selena broke up this summer, Orlando was spotted consoling her. Selena and Orlando hung out backstage at the We Day California conference on March 26, and then the pair even went on a cozy date together to a Chelsea Handler show on April 26, 2014!

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