James Franco and Jimmy Fallon get silly with selfies

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Late-Night Laughs: James Franco's Fans Are Awful At Selfies

These are your top moments in late night TV.

At number one, James Franco loves to make his fans happy by taking pictures with them when they ask him to and posting them on Instagram.

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But as Jimmy Fallon found out, James isn't always very photogenic in this shots. And he blames it all on his fans.

JIMMY: "Look at this. One, two. I mean, this is...."
JAMES: "They don't understand, like, they're making it bad. So then they keep, like, leaning back." (laughs, cheers)

Maybe you should give your fans some selfie lessons, James! Then maybe you can take off those creepy sunglasses...

At number two, "The Bachelorette's" Andi Dorfman and her new fiance Josh Murray made their very first public appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

The happy couple told Jimmy they're already planning the wedding. But they have some things they want to do first before tying the knot.

JOSH: "Yeah, we're going to wait for that."
JIMMY: "Yeah, sure."
JOSH: "She wants to have her bachelorette party and everything first and have some fun before that."
JIMMY: "Oh, you didn't have enough of a bachelorette party with the 25 guys?" (laughs)
JOSH: "Exactly!"

Um, seriously, Andi! We'd think being on the show would make you NOT want to have a bachelorette party.

And at number three, magicians Penn and Teller dropped by "Late Night" and wowed Seth Meyers with a magic trick.

PENN: "How is he able to do this?"
BAND: "Six of clubs!"
PENN: "Six of clubs, they say, turn that over. Now how could he possibly know that?" (cheers)

Impressive! And thankfully, unlike the last time they did a trick on "Late Night," there weren't any cockroaches involved.

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