The all-time best episodes of 'Sex and the City'

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I can't really even begin to pick the best episodes from this iconic show. Each episode kind of melds into the next one. It's all amazing. I guess I should start by explaining how I first came into becoming a fan of Carrie Bradshaw (mainly!) Charlotte York, Samantha Jones and Miranda Hobbes. I grew up in Florida. Where they have the best public library systems in the country. We could actually rent music and movies from any of our libraries. I had never watched the show before, because I was too young when it was on TV. Then I saw a disc available for rent and decided to pick it up. I started with Season 3, Disc 3. Very odd for me. Especially since I always like to watch everything in order. But that was the disc available, and let's say after popping it in that night, I was obsessed. After that, I searched high and low for more available disks. After watching a few more, I caved and bought the whole series on DVD. Totally worth it! They make for a good pick me up. I always feel like one of the girls. As if I'm the fifth best friend, and part of this fashionable party.

However, since this is a "best of" post. I did manage to select a few episodes that struck a chord with me or just plain stuck out as good.

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