What to wear to work this week

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Dressing for work can be about exciting as watching your manicure dry. Everyday you are faced with the same problem: how to look professional without sacrificing style. Guys can throw on one of their suits and be office-ready but for us ladies, its just not that easy. Looking put-together in the office is a must, but women in fashion are not going to settle for the mundane -- and by mundane we mean charcoal pantsuits.

Another factor to consider is the weather, and dressing like a boss actually proves to be more difficult in the summer. It's blazing hot outside but you can't wear cut offs and a crop top to work (seriously, please don't). Luckily for you, we also deal with this struggle every day which inspired us to create a day by day guide to office style.

Woman of the workforce, you're week just got a whole lot easier. We have 5 looks that will have you looking flawless from head to toe. Best part? You can use the wardrobe essentials you already have in your closet to create most of these looks!

Click through the gallery and clock in feeling fabulous this week.

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