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The lob: This summer's hottest hair cut

The bob: it's the haircut that everyone wants to try at some point in their life. If you're like us, you haven't quite worked up the courage to chop it all off. It take guts to cut those long, flowing locks that you've spent years growing out, and not everyone is blessed with Emma Watson's bone structure that pairs so well with short cuts. Luckily, the hottest hairstyle this summer, the lob, is a longer-short haircut that is just as cool as a bob, and it's conveniently low-maintenance.

So for our fellow commitment-phobes, you can now technically sport the coveted bob, sans the year-long relationship that usually comes with it. It's long enough that you can style it whichever way you want, and short enough to feel like your actually changing up your look. Plus, it requires almost no maintenance and let's be honest -- we're all for a haircut that permits laziness.

If you're still not convinced this is the haircut for you (and that picture of January Jones doesn't do it for you), check out the gallery for 14 ways this look can be styled.

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