Kate Middleton is planning her first solo overseas trip

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The Duchess of Cambridge is taking off! According to multiple sources, Kate has begun planning her first solo trip overseas for this fall. She and William have gone abroad several times -- but always together. This time, Kate will go it alone.

The Duchess will be traveling to Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean in September to mark the 50th anniversary of its independence. Leaving Prince George home with dad William in the UK (where Wills will reportedly soon begin a new job as an air ambulance helicopter pilot) Kate will surely take time while she's there to bring attention to the causes close to her heart.

Kate is said to be nervous but very excited about her first solo trip. She's become a pro at attending events and carrying out engagements alone in the UK -- even went out on her own during the Australia/New Zealand tour -- so we think she'll nail it.

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