'Meteorite' seen in mutliple Australian states is reported 'Object 40077,' part of a Russian rocket launched days ago

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Social media lit up around 9:45 p.m. Thursday night with the hashtag #meteor as reports that a bright fireball-like object with a long tail was burning across the sky in Victoria, NSW, Tasmania and South Australia.

Some who caught footage assumed it was a meteor, while others feared it was an airplane getting ready to crash, even calling in emergency services.

Sydney observatory astronomer Melissa Hulberttold told the Herald Sun that the fireball, which was 'the size of a small truck' and hurtling around the Earth at some 18,000 mph,' according to CNN, 'was more likely part of a Russian satellite launched from Kazakhstan.'

CNN also reported that astronomers confirmed 'it was object 40077, the third stage of the Soyuz rocket which was launched from Kazakhstan on Tuesday.'
Flaming Space Junk Over Australia Is Russian Rocket Debris

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