Kelly Ripa gets soaked on 'The Tonight Show'

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Kelly Ripa Gets Soaked On 'The Tonight Show'

Kelly Ripa made her first appearance on "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon and played a trivia game. Every wrong answer brought them closer to bursting a water balloon.

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Kelly wasn't in the clear like she thought.

Kelly was rocking some waterproof gear to protect her clothes, but it looks like Fallon wasn't as prepared. Kelly also told Fallon that she wasn't aware her show had such high ratings until he and his staff started congratulating her -- she says that she would only know if her show was going "truly dreadful."

Luckily, her ratings are anything but dreadful-the show was recently rated the #1 syndicated talk show.

It's not surprising her ratings are high -- viewers tweeting about her appearance on "The Tonight Show" were thrilled (as always), calling her "hilarious" and "underrated."

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