Getting fit has never looked this good

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When style meets fitness.

Gone are the days of clip on pedometers and heart monitors, fitness technology has gone through a serious makeover. Nike+ Fuel Bands and the like (Jawbone, Fitbit and more) are not just an accessory that tracks your exercise, sleep, even caloric intake (wait, what?!), they also can make a serious style statement.

Of course, we expected to see these bands on sports stars like Serena Williams, but when Kanye West and a few of our favorite fashion bloggers start wearing this accessory, we really started to take notice.

We set out to style these exercise bands in a way that mixes fashion and tech seamlessly. There's no reason you can't be fashionable and fit all at the same time!

Click through the gallery above to see a few of our favorite new styles. Then check out 10 Meals You Didn't Know you Could Sneak Veggies Into by our friends at Kitchen Daily for some healthy recipes!

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