Woman fined hundreds for yard sale signs after making just $4

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Woman Fined Hundreds For Yard Sale Signs After Making Only $4

Angela Smith was having a moving sale and posted signs on her street in Horn Lake, Tennessee to advertise. She was open for just five minutes before code enforcement paid her a visit.

Woman fined hundreds for yard sale signs after making just $4

"According to him, my signs didn't have a date, a street address, and were placed on one of the street signs," says Smith.

Horn Lake Mayor Allen Latimer says the rules are in place for a reason and the city is cracking down. According to the ordinance, signs must have detailed information and they are not allowed on city property.

"It makes the city a lot cleaner and a lot neater. The cleaner a city is, the safer it is," says Mayor Latimer. If you break the rules, it could cost you more than $300, which is more than a traffic citation.

The worst part? Angela only made $4 from her garage sale.

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