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Hit the sand with a cute and stylish beach towel

This weekend as you celebrate July 4th, many of you will be hitting the beach! But even if you'll be spending time at a barbecue rather than on the sand, you still might want to lounge in the sun and sip a cocktail while you work on your tan. And what is the best accessory for a lazy summer day (aside from SPF, of course)? Your beach towel!

While you may love your Little Mermaid towel from your childhood, it's time to retire it. It's time, friends, to use grown-up beach towels that are actually really pretty and still super cute. Love the bright colors of the towels of your youth? Don't worry, there are several vibrant ones in the bunch!

So take a look, above, at our favorite grown up, really pretty beach towels you can use all summer long.

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