Wasp scares Chief Meteorologist Mike Morgan during forecast

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Watch: Wasp Terrifies Meteorologist on Live TV

OKLAHOMA CITY – This wasp must be passionate about the weather, because it wouldn't leave NewsChannel 4's Chief Meteorologist alone during his forecast.

During the 6:30 p.m. newscast, a wasp surprised Mike Morgan -- and it's pretty hard not to laugh at his reaction. (Our favorite part is actually right before he realizes he's under 'attack.' Poor guy doesn't know what's about to hit him!)

Morgan's a pro, and he gets right back to work, brushing off the shock pretty quickly. Morgan's not the only reporter who has had to rebound from an unexpected moment. WXII traffic reporter Chris Lea split his pants in the middle of a report, and on June 16th, Meteorologist Danielle Dozier was on live TV when an earthquake struck.

Her calm reaction was so impressive, it quickly went viral. Watch it unfold here:

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