10 ways to work red, white, and blue, into your 4th of July look

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The Fourth of July holiday is really the best -- no work, no school, and lots of time spent outside. We're all for looking patriotic and sporting red, white, and blue on Independence Day, but it's not always as easy as throwing on an American flag tee and calling it a day. Not everyone wants to be that obvious.

Luckily, there's plenty of ways to work red, white, and blue into your wardrobe, no matter what you'll be doing come July 4th. There's no need to buy a stars 'n' stripes bikini just for your holiday beach weekend -- red, white, and/or blue accessories will feel just as festive. Classic white Chuck Taylor sneakers are always an option, and we love a classic combo of royal blue and white, or a navy maxi dress with a red necklace or sandals.

Your Independence Day style can be super cute without looking gimmicky. Just click through the gallery for some street style inspiration, and start planning that holiday weekend look right now.

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