'NY Med' season premiere : ER nurse fired for posting pic on Instagram

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'NY Med' Season Premiere : ER Nurse Fired For Posting Pic On Instagram

On "New York Med," ER nurse Katie gave us a lesson in professionalism when she lost her job after posting a picture of a messy trauma room on her Instagram page.

"I've been in that emergency room for six years ... in a matter of ten minutes, I am no longer," Katie said. "This post that has gotten me fired was a picture of an empty trauma room with a comment underneath."

That comment read: "Man versus six train."

'NY Med' season premiere : ER nurse fired for posting pic on Instagram
This undated image released by ABC shows the filming of an operating room at a New York hospital for the documentary series, "NY Med." The eight-episode "NY Med," produced by Terence Wrong, takes narrative devices and character building techniques from fiction but all situations are completely true, filmed by a team that immersed itself for four months in the life at the Columbia and Weill Cornell Medical Centers of New York-Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan. The series premieres Tuesday, July 10 at 10:00 p.m. EST on the ABC Television Network. (AP Photo/ABC, Donna Svennevik)

Katie explained that she's a little impulsive and wanted people to know what ER nurses go through, adding that she should have thought twice before posting the picture. Luckily for Katie, though, she was back in the ER before too long at a different hospital in New York.

She's also still active on social media, tweeting out during the episode, "I will always come back. Because I am a NURSE. #DealWithIt."

As, the New York Times notes, it was surprising that the most shocking part of the "New York Med" premiere had nothing to do with a medical procedure.

Still, Variety calls the show extremely compelling, harrowing, and sometimes even funny. To see for yourself, you can tune in Thursday nights on ABC.
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