Man sues British Airways after landing in Grenada instead of Granada

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Man Sues British Airways After Landing In Grenada Instead Of Granada

A man is suing British Airways after he landed in Grenada instead of Granada. Edward Gamson wanted to go to Granada, the city in Spain but wound up in Grenada, the Caribbean island.

Gamson didn't realize he was heading 4,000 miles in the wrong direction until he looked at the in-flight map on the plane. Needless to say, the American dentist, who says he hadn't had a vacation in two years, was not happy. Especially since he was very clear with the booking agent that he wanted to go to Spain, going as far as providing airport codes.

Initially, British Airways was very apologetic and promised to get him and his partner to Spain right away. But three days later, they still hadn't made it and the airline allegedly refused to refund their first class tickets. Now Gamson is suing for $34,000, the estimated cost of his pre-booked hotels, trains, and other tours.

This is what happens when "I say Grenada, you say Granada."

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