Man proposes to girlfriend with commercial during World Cup

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Man Proposes To Girlfriend With Commercial During World Cup

Sports fans have been cheering on their favorite World Cup teams for about two weeks now.

Man proposes to girlfriend with commercial during World Cup

One Texas man used the event to his advantage by placing an ad he was sure his girlfriend would see during the U.S. vs. Portugal match.

KSAT reports, ​"Nick Bastress proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Nicole, in a commercial that aired during halftime of the game."

Bastress outlined the things he would do for his now-fiancee.

"Even though I'm a dog person, I'll still play with your cat. I promise all those things and more. Nicole, will you?"

Soccer Fan Proposes Marriage In World Cup TV Ad

The good news was even highlighted on the couple's website, The opening page you see explains that she did, in fact, say 'yes.'

Bastress told ABC: "About seven months of planning ... I wanted to share my story. ... We started dating in the World Cup last year ... so there was no better stage to do it."

Although there's no word on the wedding date, the couple is planning a honeymoon in Bora Bora in April 2015.

On the subject of proposals, earlier this month, a reporter inadvertently covered her own elaborate proposal.
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