Mexico coach's reactions are priceless

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By Dan Mennella

Mexico is enjoying a fine World Cup so far, having advanced beyond the opening round with a convincing win over Croatia on Monday. But their charismatic manager, Miguel Herrera, may be having the finest World Cup of all.

Herrera, known for his animated sideline demeanor and portly stature, set the Internet ablaze Monday with a series of championship-caliber expressions during Mexico's 3-1 victory, a performance that has been conveniently immortalized in a series of captivating photographs (see above). Especially notable was his absurdly over-the-top embrace with goalie Ochoa.

Herrera's histrionics are a sight to behold, but we'd be remiss if we didn't give credit where it's due. That Mexico is even in the World Cup -- let alone playing well -- is a minor miracle considering the disarray the program was in only a year ago. Herrera, hired in October, has helped to turn around the team, and his engaging, outsized persona has made him a hit with fans.

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